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Gender Change Operation is a surgical procedure to change the transgender person's appearance; look and function of their existing sexual characteristics are altered to resemble that socially associated with their identified gender.

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Gender Reassignment Surgery Cost

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The topic of how much sex reassignment surgery costs is a complicated one. Gender reassignment surgery is not a simple & single procedure. It involves lots of cosmetic & plastic surgeries starting from top to bottom. The cost also depends on what total surgeries you want to do & what is your ultimate target.

Cost of Gender reassignment surgery in India ranges between Rs. 1,00,000 INR to Rs. 7,00,000 INR based on type of surgeries and clinic you choose.

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Sex reassignment surgery and its cost in Bhopal

Individuals with gender dysphoria are transitioned to their desired gender with the help of gender reassignment surgery sometimes which is called sex reassignment surgery. People feel that they were born in the wrong gender who is having this problem of gender dysphoria. Identifying himself more as a female being a biological male, it can also happen vice versa. The decision to have a surgery in order to convert one's gender physically is not a decision to be made lightly as it is typically the last step in the physical transition process. In order to determine if patients are truly ready to surgically transitionthey undergo counsellingafter many healthcare providers require patients to be formally diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Hormone therapy is usually undergone first by the patients. Hormones make them appear more like their desired sex because they can suppress the secondary sex characteristics of the biological gender. For instance, women start developing facial hair after taking androgens. To look more feminine men take oestrogens and anti-androgens. Patients live as their desired gender for at least one year as required by the surgeons. As a woman traditionally does in the culture men might have to dress like that. Many men refer to themselves with female pronouns after changing their names. It would do the reverse if women transitioned to men. Several procedures may be included while surgical transition. The testicles and penis gets removed while males transition to females. Removal of the prostate gland may or may not be done as well. In order to construct a vagina and clitoris the tissue from the penis is used. From the scrotal skin Labia – the “lips” surrounding the vagina – can be made. Shortening of the urethra is done. To change the appearance of their lips, eyes, nose, or Adam’s apple many biological men also undergo facial feminization surgery. In order to keep the new vagina open and flexible patients use vaginal dilators after the surgery. Female to male transitioning surgery is more complicated and expensive. The vagina is closed after removing the breasts, ovaries, and uterus. From other tissues a penis and scrotum may be made. A penile implant is used in some cases. In order for the patient to urinate while standing the urethra is extended. As most patients adjust to their new bodies and lifestyles continued psychotherapy is recommended for them. Not all people have to undergo surgery with gender dysphoria. Some people without any medical intervention also feel comfortable living as the opposite gender. For their personal needs others find that hormone therapy is sufficient. Depending on conversion type and hospital you choose cost of sex change surgery in Bhopal ranges between INR 2,00,000 to INR 7,00,000.


Male to female reassignment surgery

The male genitals are reshaped as far as possible into a form with the function of female genitalia in the sex reassignment surgery for male-to-female. Patients usually undergo feminizing hormone therapy before any surgery although this is not a requirement. Including vaginoplasty, facial hair removal, facial feminization surgery, breast augmentation and various other procedures there are associated surgeries patients may elect to undergo. While other trans people maintain use of the term sex reassignment surgery some argue gender confirmation surgery or gender affirmation surgery are preferable term as there is debate among activists and trans people aboutthe terms that are preferable to use.


Female to male reassignment surgery

A transgender person whose gender identity is that of a man but who was assigned female at birth is called a trans man. Although the two labels of transgenderman and transsexual man are often used in this way but the label of transgender man is not always interchangeable with that of transsexual man. Procedure is done after Psychiatric evaluation & legal formalities. Along with voice change surgery & hormone therapy, creation of penis by forearm skin & removal of breast, uterus & ovaries are all included in it.

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