Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a set of surgical procedures designed to alter the facial features of individuals assigned male at birth (AMAB) to create a more feminine appearance. It is a form of gender-affirming surgery often sought by transgender women or individuals with gender dysphoria who wish to align their facial features with their gender identity.

The goal of FFS is to address masculine facial characteristics and enhance feminine features, helping transgender women achieve a more harmonious and authentic appearance. The specific procedures and techniques used in FFS can vary based on each individual’s unique facial anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Common procedures involved in facial feminization surgery may include:

  1. Forehead Contouring: Reducing the brow bossing and raising the hairline to create a more feminine forehead appearance.
  2. Rhinoplasty: Refining the nose shape to make it more feminine and proportional to the rest of the face.
  3. Cheek Augmentation: Adding volume to the cheeks to create a softer and more feminine facial contour.
  4. Jaw Contouring: Reshaping the jawline and reducing the size of the jaw to create a more delicate appearance.
  5. Chin Contouring: Reducing the size and projection of the chin to achieve a more feminine chin shape.
  6. Tracheal Shave: Reducing the prominence of the Adam’s apple (laryngeal prominence) to create a smoother neck profile.
  7. Lip Lift: Elevating the position of the upper lip to achieve a more feminine lip shape.
  8. Brow Lift: Elevating the eyebrows to create a more arched and feminine brow appearance.

Facial feminization surgery is a highly individualized process, and the combination of procedures performed depends on each patient’s unique facial features and desired outcome. The goal is to create a more authentic and comfortable appearance that aligns with the patient’s gender identity.

FFS is a complex and specialized form of plastic surgery that should be performed by experienced surgeons with expertise in transgender surgery and facial aesthetics. Pre-operative evaluations and thorough discussions between the patient and surgeon are essential to ensure the best possible outcomes and patient satisfaction.