A transgender tomboy is an individual who identifies as transgender while expressing themselves in a more masculine or tomboyish manner. It’s important to understand that gender identity and gender expression are separate aspects of a person’s identity.

Being a tomboy typically refers to a girl or woman who prefers activities and styles traditionally associated with boys or men. When a tomboy is transgender, it means that their gender identity does not align with their assigned sex at birth. In other words, they identify as a gender different from the one they were assigned based on their physical characteristics at birth.

Each transgender person’s experience is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all definition or expression of being transgender. Some transgender individuals may embrace more traditionally feminine or masculine gender expression, while others may find comfort and authenticity in a tomboyish or gender-nonconforming presentation.

It’s important to respect and affirm each individual’s self-identified gender identity and their chosen expression. It is up to each person to define and express their gender in a way that feels true to themselves. If you or someone you know identifies as a transgender tomboy, it’s important to support and respect their gender identity and expression, just as you would support and respect any other individual’s gender identity.