There are several transgender organizations in India that work towards the welfare, rights, and advocacy for transgender individuals.

Here are some prominent transgender organizations in India:

⦁ National Network of Sex Workers (NNSW): This organization focuses on addressing the rights and well-being of transgender sex workers in India. They advocate for the empowerment, healthcare, and social support of transgender individuals involved in sex work.

⦁ Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust (TWEET): TWEET is a non-profit organization based in Chennai that works towards the empowerment and upliftment of transgender people in Tamil Nadu. They provide healthcare, legal support, vocational training, and social services to transgender individuals.

⦁ Sahodari Foundation: Sahodari Foundation, founded by transgender rights activist Kalki Subramaniam, is a Chennai-based organization that aims to empower transgender individuals through education, employment opportunities, healthcare, and advocacy. They also conduct awareness campaigns and sensitization programs.

⦁ The Humsafar Trust: The Humsafar Trust, based in Mumbai, is one of India’s oldest LGBTQ+ organizations. They provide a range of services, including healthcare, counseling, legal aid, and support groups for transgender individuals.

⦁ Transgender Rights Association (TRA): TRA is an organization based in New Delhi that works towards transgender rights, welfare, and inclusion. They provide support services, counseling, and legal advocacy for transgender individuals.

Pratyay Gender Trust: Pratyay Gender Trust is an organization in Kolkata that focuses on transgender rights and provides support services, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities for transgender individuals.
These are just a few examples of transgender organizations in India, and there are many more organizations working at regional and local levels. Connecting with these organizations can provide transgender individuals with valuable resources, support, and a sense of community. It’s recommended to reach out to these organizations directly or explore online platforms and directories that provide information about transgender organizations and resources in India.