There are several NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) in Bangalore, India, that work for the rights and welfare of transgender individuals. Here are a few notable ones:

  1. Solidarity Foundation: Solidarity Foundation is a Bangalore-based NGO that works on various social justice issues, including transgender rights. They provide support, counseling, and advocacy for transgender individuals, and also work towards creating awareness and combating discrimination.
  2. Payana: Payana is a transgender-led organization based in Bangalore. They focus on empowerment, advocacy, and capacity building for transgender individuals. They provide various services, including legal support, healthcare access, skill development, and education.
  3. Sangama: Sangama is a human rights organization that works with marginalized communities, including transgender individuals. They focus on advocacy, awareness, and empowerment of transgender and sexual minority communities. They provide counseling, support, and legal assistance to transgender individuals.
  4. Namma Makkala Dhama: Namma Makkala Dhama is an NGO that works towards child rights and protection, including transgender children. They provide support, education, and advocacy for transgender children and their families.