Sure. Here are some information about transgender people in West Bengal, India:

  • The estimated number of transgender people in West Bengal is around 60,000.

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Transgender people in West Bengal

  • The state government has passed the West Bengal Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Rules 2022, which guarantees transgender people the right to education, employment, healthcare, and non-discrimination.
  • The West Bengal Transgender Persons Development Board (WBTGPDB) was established in 2015 to promote the rights and welfare of transgender people in the state.
  • Some well-known transgender people from West Bengal include Manabi Bandyopadhyay, Tista Das, and Gouri Sankar Paul.
  • Manabi Bandyopadhyay was the first transgender person to be elected to the panchayat (local government) in West Bengal. She is also a social activist and has been working for the rights of transgender people for many years.
  • Tista Das is an actress, writer, and transgender rights activist. She has starred in several films and television shows, and she is also the author of a book about her experiences as a transgender woman.
  • Gouri Sankar Paul is a lawyer and transgender rights activist. He is the founder of the Mitali Foundation, an organization that works to improve the lives of transgender people in West Bengal.

The transgender community in West Bengal faces many challenges, including discrimination, violence, and lack of access to education and employment. However, there are also a number of organizations working to improve the lives of transgender people in the state.

Transgender individuals in West Bengal, like in other parts of India, have legal recognition and rights as per the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019. The Act acknowledges the rights of transgender persons to self-identify their gender and protects them from discrimination and violence.

In West Bengal, the state government has taken steps to support and empower transgender individuals. The West Bengal Transgender Development Board was established to address the issues faced by the transgender community and promote their welfare. The board works towards providing opportunities for education, employment, healthcare, and social inclusion for transgender individuals in the state.

There are also various community-based organizations and NGOs in West Bengal that work specifically with transgender individuals, providing support, advocacy, and access to resources. These organizations often offer services such as healthcare assistance, legal aid, skill development programs, and community outreach.

It’s important to note that the experiences and challenges faced by transgender individuals can vary, and not all individuals may have access to the same level of support and resources. However, efforts are being made in West Bengal to promote transgender rights, inclusion, and overall well-being.

If you are a transgender individual in West Bengal seeking support or information, reaching out to local LGBTQ+ organizations or helplines can be a good starting point. They can provide you with specific guidance and connect you with resources tailored to your needs.