Transgender facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a set of surgical procedures designed to alter the facial features of transgender women to create a more feminine appearance. The specific procedures chosen may vary depending on the individual’s goals, preferences, and unique facial characteristics.

Here are some common procedures involved in facial feminization surgery:
⦁ Forehead Contouring: Forehead contouring, also known as forehead feminization or hairline advancement, involves reshaping the forehead and reducing the prominence of the brow ridge. This can be achieved through procedures such as frontal bone reduction, brow bone reduction, or forehead augmentation with bone or soft tissue.
⦁ Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, can help feminize the appearance of the nose by reducing its size, refining the shape, and addressing any masculine characteristics. This may involve reshaping the nasal bones and cartilage to create a more delicate and feminine nose.
⦁ Cheek Augmentation: Cheek augmentation can add volume and contour to the cheeks, creating a more feminine facial profile. This can be achieved through the use of implants or fat transfer techniques.
⦁ Lip Lift and Lip Augmentation: Lip lift surgery can elevate the upper lip to create a more balanced and feminine lip shape. Lip augmentation procedures, such as lip fillers or fat grafting, can also be used to enhance lip fullness and femininity.
⦁ Jaw and Chin Contouring: Procedures such as jaw contouring and chin reduction or augmentation can help soften and feminize the lower face. This may involve reshaping the jaw bone, reducing the prominence of the chin, or adding volume to create a more tapered and feminine jawline.
⦁ Tracheal Shave: A tracheal shave, or Adam’s apple reduction, can be performed to reduce the prominence of the thyroid cartilage, creating a smoother and more feminine neck appearance.
It is important to consult with experienced surgeons who specialize in facial feminization surgery and transgender healthcare. They can evaluate your unique facial features, discuss your goals, and recommend the most appropriate procedures to help achieve your desired feminization.

Each individual’s facial feminization surgery plan is highly individualized, and the specific procedures chosen will depend on your needs, goals, and overall health.