Male-to-female (MTF) facial surgery, also known as facial feminization surgery (FFS), is a set of surgical procedures aimed at altering facial features to achieve a more feminine appearance. These procedures are commonly sought by MTF individuals as part of their gender transition.

Here are some common facial feminization surgeries:

⦁ Brow Contouring: This procedure reduces the prominence of the brow ridge and raises the eyebrows to create a more feminine appearance.

⦁ Forehead Recontouring: Forehead contouring involves reshaping the forehead bone to create a smoother, more rounded appearance. It can involve techniques such as brow bone reduction or frontal bossing reduction.

⦁ Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, can be performed to feminize the nose by refining its shape and size.

⦁ Cheek Augmentation: Cheek augmentation involves enhancing the cheekbones to create a more defined and feminine contour. This can be achieved using implants or fat grafting.

⦁ Lip Lift and Augmentation: These procedures enhance the shape and fullness of the lips, giving them a more feminine appearance. Lip lift surgery raises the position of the upper lip, creating a more youthful and proportionate look.

⦁ Jaw Contouring: Jaw contouring surgery can involve reducing the size and squareness of the jaw to achieve a more tapered and feminine shape. This may include techniques such as jawline reduction or chin contouring.

⦁ Tracheal Shave: This procedure, also known as Adam’s apple reduction, reduces the prominence of the Adam’s apple to create a smoother, more feminine neck profile.

It’s important to note that each individual’s needs and goals for facial feminization may vary. The specific combination of surgeries will depend on factors such as facial features, desired outcomes, and consultation with a skilled facial feminization surgeon. It’s advisable to seek a consultation with a qualified surgeon who specializes in facial feminization surgery to discuss your specific goals and explore the surgical options that are most suitable for you.