Labia are the most visible portions of the female gentalia. In humans there are two pairs of labia or lips present. These are the labia majora or the outer labia and labia minora.

Labia majora is the larger and fattier skin folds.

Labia minora are the folds of skin between the labia majora.

The functions of labia include surrounding and protecting the clitoris and the openings of the vagina and the urethra.

Apart from this labia or lips of the vagina are erogenous zones. This means they are sexually responsive and this sensitivity varies greatly between women.

They may be sexually stimulated as a part of masturbating act or while having sex with a partner by fingering or oral sex. Moving or rubbing the labia minoria can also arouse the clitoris.

Labia or lips of vagina are created simultaneously with vaginoplasty( creation of vagina) and clitoroplasty( creation of clitoris)

The pipe that carries urine ( fluid excretory substance) from the bladder to the outside of the body is longer in males than in females and is also in a slightly different position.

So, first is urethra is shortened and repositioned as part of vaginoplasty.

The prostrate located at the neck of the bladder around the urethra is not removed.

The innermost labia which called labia minora is created from left over skin from the penis. The outer labia called labia majora is usually made from skin formed from the testicles present inside the scrotal sac or scrotum.

Some revisions may be done after vaginoplasty to change the appearance of the lips of the vagina to make it look more realistic and attractive.

Possible risks of this surgery may include only unsatisfactory shape or size or the sensitivity below expectations in the labia. Apart from this there are no potential complications or risks and it is a safe procedure.