Breasts are the muscular protrusion found in the chest region of human females containing mammary glands. It is an important part of the female identity. So it’s not surprising men who would like to transition to women would prefer to have breasts or breast implants.

This is done by breast augmentation surgery.

Trans women may already be taking estrogen to help them develop female characteristics but there is a limit to how much the breasts can develop only by external estrogen intake. Trans women who want a bigger, well shaped and more natural looking breasts can opt for breast augmentation surgery. Incision through which the implant will be inserted can be made in three places- the breast, in the armpit or around the nipple.


Breast implants can be saline filled implants, silicone gel implants or other kind of implants (rubber filled with gel).

What augmented breasts look like?

It would be impractical to expect surgically augmented breasts to look exactly like the natural breasts. Surgical breasts look a little different than natural breasts and may also feel a little different to touch. They have a larger gap between them, are firmer and rounder. One should discuss what one expects her breasts to look after the surgery in detail wither surgeon.

Breast surgery can be done as the first step of sex reassignment surgery or at any other time.


  • If you are getting breast augmentation without genital surgery or any other surgery, you will usually be admitted to hospital the same day as your surgery.
  • In some cases, you may be asked to come to the hospital a day before surgery to brief you about the surgery and to have a last-minute health check up.
  • You will be prohibited from taking any kind of solid food or fluids after midnight the night before you have surgery.
  • After your surgery, you will be observed and monitored by hospital staff as you come out of the anaesthetic. Breast augmentation is a relatively simple procedure and you even be sent home the same day as surgery with medication.
  • You may have to arrange for transportation as it’s not safe to drive on your own as you may still be numb from the anaesthetic. You will be given antibiotics in the hospital to help reduce the risk of bacterial or fungal infection and other complications as your wounds are healing.


  • You will wear a special bra known as surgical bra for three days after the surgery.
  • During this period you may wash yourself but you should be careful not to wet or soak the adhesive tapes across the incision lines.
  • It is normal for the incision line to appear red but if redness appears somewhere two to three cm away from the incision line you should consult your surgeon.
  • Your new breasts may feel numb, sore or swollen. But these effects will go after about a month.
  • You can resume your normal routine of work after 1-2 weeks but you should abstain from vigorous or strenuous work till 3-4weeks.
  • It should be noted that every person is different and everyone have their own their own unique recovery time. You should not try to hasten this period as it may lead to further complicacies.