There is no way to naturally grow an Adam’s apple. The Adam’s apple is a protruding part of the larynx, or voice box, that is caused by the thyroid cartilage. The thyroid cartilage is a ring of cartilage that protects the vocal cords. In males, the thyroid cartilage is larger than in females, and this is what causes the Adam’s apple to be visible.

There are a few surgical procedures that can be used to create an Adam’s apple. One procedure is called a laryngeal shave. In this procedure, the surgeon removes a small amount of tissue from the thyroid cartilage. Another procedure is called a laryngeal augmentation. In this procedure, the surgeon inserts a silicone implant into the thyroid cartilage.

Both of these procedures are relatively minor and can be performed under local anesthesia. However, they do carry some risks, such as infection and scarring.

If you are considering having surgery to create an Adam’s apple, it is important to talk to a healthcare provider who is experienced in treating transgender people. They can help you to discuss your options and to make the best decision for you.

Here are some additional resources that may be helpful:
⦁ The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH):
⦁ The Trevor Project:
⦁ Trans Lifeline:

For transgender men (assigned female at birth, identifying as male) who desire a more prominent Adam’s apple, there are a few options to consider. It’s important to note that these options do not involve growing an actual Adam’s apple, as it is a feature that is primarily determined by biological factors such as hormonal influences during puberty.

However, there are methods to create the appearance of an Adam’s apple:
⦁ Testosterone Hormone Therapy: Testosterone, when administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional, can lead to various physical changes, including an increase in muscle mass, deepening of the voice, and potential changes in the neck area. Over time, testosterone therapy may result in a subtle change in the prominence of the laryngeal prominence, also known as the Adam’s apple. However, the degree of change can vary among individuals, and not everyone experiences a significant development of an Adam’s apple through hormone therapy alone.
⦁ Surgical Options: There are surgical procedures available to enhance the appearance of an Adam’s apple for transgender men. The most common surgical procedure is called Adam’s apple augmentation or chondrolaryngoplasty. It involves the placement of an implant or the reduction of the thyroid cartilage to create a more prominent Adam’s apple. This is a surgical procedure that should be performed by a qualified surgeon experienced in transgender healthcare.

It’s important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or a surgeon experienced in transgender healthcare to discuss the available options, potential risks, benefits, and outcomes associated with Adam’s apple augmentation. They will evaluate your individual circumstances, assess your goals, and provide personalized recommendations based on your specific needs.

Keep in mind that not all transgender men desire or pursue changes to their Adam’s apple, and it is a personal decision. The most appropriate approach will depend on your unique goals, preferences, and overall well-being.