Transgender people are getting aware of their feelings and individuality. These people do not feel fit in the body that they are born in. Trans people suffer a number of challenges on a day to day basis. As a result of which they suffer fitting in society. But things have changed high time for them. They are recognizing their natural instincts and making changes in light of it. Thanks to advancements in medical science, trans people now have the option to turn into another body of theirs.

Sex reassignment surgery for female-to-male transgender people includes a lot of a number of surgeries and procedures. But opting for surgeries depends on the individual. Some go for just bringing about behavioral changes other go for hormonal therapy while some go for surgical procedures.

Sex reassignment surgery involves a number of surgical processes. They are referred to as phalloplasty, metoidoplasty, or vaginectomy. For a female to male transformation, things like male chest reconstruction, hysterectomy, or oophorectomy are included. Female to male sex reassignment surgeries are simpler than male to female reassignment surgery.

Female to Male Surgical Options in India

FTM surgery is generally divided into three main categories:

  1. Chest reconstruction surgeries or top surgery
  2. Hysterectomy and oophorectomy
  3. Genital reconstruction surgeries
  4. Removal of the womb

Top Surgery

Chest surgery or breast removal in India is carried out in a number of clinics. Sex reassignment surgery involves two types of surgeries namely top surgery and bottom surgery.

FTM Top Surgery is a procedure for transgender men. Top Surgery involves breast removal surgery as well as male chest contouring. One may also get nipple grafts or nipple reconstruction. Top Surgery is the most commonly performed gender reassignment for getting transformed into a male. Well, no male wants to have a pair of breasts.

Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy  in FTM Surgery in India

Some physicians recommend getting hysterectomy and oophorectomy in like the first five years. This is recommended so as to mask the possibility of ovarian cancer. Prolonged exposure to testosterone can turn out to be really harmful to people who are seeking gender reassignment surgery.

But there is no solid proof or evidence that prolonged exposure to testosterone causes cancer or not in trans men. Trans men are a small population thus carrying out a detailed survey to identify and study these constraints is kind of a difficult task.

There exist three main ways by which the uterus can be removed from the body and they include either getting removed through an incision in the abdomen, vaginally incision at the top of the or through a combination of tissue removal through small incisions in the abdomen. This is entirely dependent on the patient’s physical limitations. So, it is up to the doctor to assign a particular way of getting rid of the uterus from the body of individuals.

Removal of the vagina

Vaginectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the vaginal lining and thus closing the vaginal opening. Vaginectomy is often combined with Metoidioplasty. It is believed that this surgery reduces complications. It must also be noted that the procedure for removal of the vagina is a rather complicated one. Thus, one must make an informed choice when going for a surgery.

What is Vaginectomy?

Vaginectomy is a Colpectomy plus a Colpocleisis, but the general term Vaginectomy is used more rampantly.

  • Colpectomy: Removal of the vaginal lining or the epithelium of the vagina
  • Colpocleisis: Fusion of the vaginal walls, which in turn creates support for pelvic organs.

Some surgeons offer partial closure of the vaginal opening in combination with other surgical processes. But this is just a temporary solution for the glitch here.

Construction of a phallus is done by a process called phalloplasty. This is the next step after the removal of the vagina and uterus in trans men.

This is a common surgical choice for transgender. Many a time this surgery is also used to reconstruct the penis in case of an accident, trauma or in cancer patients. The goal of phalloplasty is to build a cosmetically appealing penis. This is a complex procedure. But the end product is indeed appealing as the news penis is very much similar to a natural one with the erotic sensations and an active sexual drive too.

Metoidioplasty, also known as meta and it is a term used to describe surgical procedures that are done with the neophallus or new penis. It can be performed on anyone with significant clitoral growth.

Creation of a scrotum with testicular implants (scrotoplasty) in India

Scrotoplasty and Testicular Implants create a scrotum and testes. It is made from native labial majora tissue. It can be performed in one or two stages. The resulting scrotum is fused in the midline and is made pouch-like.

Facial Hair Transplant – Beard and Moustache

FTM Transgender Hairline Revision

Hairline revision is a very important face of getting male facial contours. Bread and facial hair define the primary characters. They start coming after hormone therapy. But the hair here is not evenly distributed. So, in order to get that smooth and even beard, one needs to get beard and mustache implantation.

Using the follicular unit excision method of hair transplantation this very task can be done with utmost care and precision. One can get the desirable hair growth.

Thankfully, a hair transplant can give FTM patients fuller, thicker-looking facial hair. This includes thicker eyebrows and sideburns too.

Masculinizing hormone therapy

Masculinizing hormone therapy is used to induce physical changes in trans men. These characters can be seen when a boy hits puberty. Similar changes are observed while carrying out hormone therapy in trans men.

The male hormone testosterone is given during this therapy. It suppresses one’s menstrual cycles and decreases the production of oestrogen. Masculinizing hormone therapy isn’t for all transgender men as it can cause a number of problems. Some tend to show a reduced sexual drive too.