Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a collection of surgical procedures that are performed to help feminize the facial features of male-to-female (MTF) transgender individuals. These procedures are designed to address the unique facial characteristics typically associated with masculinity and create a more feminine appearance.

The specific procedures involved in FFS can vary depending on individual needs and goals, but they commonly include:

  1. Hairline adjustment: This procedure may involve lowering the hairline or reshaping it to create a more feminine pattern.
  2. Brow lift: The brow bones may be reshaped or reduced to soften the appearance of a prominent brow ridge.
  3. Rhinoplasty: The shape and size of the nose can be altered to create a more feminine contour.
  4. Chin and jaw contouring: Masculine jawlines and chins can be refined through procedures such as genioplasty (chin surgery) or mandibular contouring to create a more delicate and feminine appearance.
  5. Cheek augmentation: The cheeks can be augmented to create a fuller and more feminine contour.
  6. Lip augmentation: Procedures such as lip lift or lip augmentation can enhance the fullness and shape of the lips.
  7. Tracheal shave: This procedure reduces the prominence of the Adam’s apple (laryngeal prominence) to create a smoother and more feminine neck profile.

It’s important to note that FFS is a complex and highly individualized process. The specific procedures recommended will depend on factors such as the individual’s facial structure, desired outcomes, and the recommendations of experienced FFS surgeons. It’s crucial to consult with qualified healthcare professionals and experienced FFS surgeons who specialize in transgender procedures to discuss your goals, potential outcomes, and any associated risks or complications.