Castration is a term that typically refers to the removal of the testicles in males. However, when discussing transgender individuals, it’s more appropriate to use the term “gender-affirming surgery” or “gender-confirming surgery.” These surgeries are performed to align a person’s physical characteristics with their gender identity.

For transgender individuals assigned male at birth (AMAB) who identify as female, one of the surgical options available is called “orchidectomy” or “orchidectomy with vaginoplasty.” This procedure involves removing the testicles and may be combined with other surgeries, such as creating a neovagina (vaginoplasty), breast augmentation, or facial feminization surgery. The aim of these procedures is to help individuals alleviate gender dysphoria and align their physical appearance with their gender identity.

It’s important to note that decisions regarding medical interventions, including surgeries, are highly personal and should be made in consultation with qualified healthcare professionals experienced in transgender healthcare. They can provide guidance, support, and information about available options based on an individual’s specific needs and circumstances.