If you have a history of heart conditions, it is crucial to inform your healthcare provider or gender-affirming surgeon during the pre-operative evaluation for clitoroplasty. Clitoroplasty is a surgical procedure that involves creating or enhancing the clitoris, and any underlying heart conditions can potentially increase the risks associated with elective surgery.

Undergoing surgery with a history of heart conditions requires careful consideration and appropriate medical management to ensure your safety and minimize the risk of complications. Your healthcare provider will assess your cardiac health and work with you to determine if clitoroplasty is safe and appropriate in your specific case.

In some situations, individuals with well-controlled heart conditions may still be eligible for clitoroplasty, provided that their cardiac health is optimized before surgery. Your healthcare provider may request additional tests or evaluations to assess your cardiac function and overall fitness for surgery.

During the surgical procedure, the anesthesia and surgical team will take special precautions to ensure your safety, given your cardiac history. They will monitor your vital signs and cardiac function closely throughout the surgery to address any potential concerns promptly.

Open communication with your healthcare provider is essential to ensuring that your specific medical needs are addressed and that any potential risks related to your heart condition are appropriately managed before, during, and after clitoroplasty.

Ultimately, the decision to undergo clitoroplasty will depend on the individual assessment of your overall health and the specific nature of your heart condition. Your healthcare provider and gender-affirming surgeon will work together to provide you with personalized recommendations and support to make informed decisions about your gender-affirming care.