Yes, FFS can change the appearance of your neck and throat. One of the most common procedures performed as part of FFS is a tracheal shave, also known as an Adam’s apple reduction. This procedure involves reducing the size of the Adam’s apple, which is a bony protrusion in the throat that is more prominent in men. A tracheal shave can make the neck and throat appear more feminine.

Other procedures that can be performed as part of FFS to change the appearance of the neck and throat include:

  • Neck lift: This procedure can remove excess skin and fat from the neck, making it appear more youthful and feminine.
  • Jawline contouring: This procedure can reduce the size of the jawline, making it appear more feminine.
  • Chin augmentation: This procedure can add volume to the chin, making it appear more feminine.

The specific procedures that are right for you will depend on your individual needs and goals. If you are considering FFS, be sure to talk to a qualified surgeon about your options.

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Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) typically focuses on altering facial features and structures above the jawline. As such, FFS does not directly target the neck or throat region. The primary goal of FFS is to create a more feminine facial appearance by modifying the forehead, nose, jaw, chin, and other facial features.

However, some FFS procedures can indirectly influence the appearance of the neck or throat. For example:

  1. Tracheal Shave: If you have a prominent Adam’s apple (laryngeal prominence), FFS can include a tracheal shave procedure to reduce its size and prominence. While this procedure addresses the Adam’s apple, it is a relatively small and localized intervention.
  2. Neck Lift or Liposuction: FFS may include procedures such as a neck lift or neck liposuction to enhance the overall appearance of the neck. These procedures can create a more defined and youthful neck contour, complementing the facial feminization results.
  3. Jaw Contouring: Procedures like jaw contouring can indirectly influence the appearance of the neck by changing the angle and contour of the jawline, which can create a smoother transition between the jaw and neck.

It’s essential to have a thorough discussion with your FFS surgeon about your aesthetic goals and concerns. If you are interested in addressing specific aspects of your neck or throat, your surgeon can provide guidance on the available options, including any procedures that can be combined with FFS to achieve your desired outcomes.

Keep in mind that while FFS can enhance facial femininity, it is not designed to address all areas of the body. For more extensive changes to the neck or throat region, other surgical procedures may be considered, and your surgeon can provide recommendations based on your individual needs and goals.