As the name suggests breast reduction surgery is done in order to reduce the size of breasts. There are several reasons why people undergo this very surgery. Some of these reasons are mentioned below-

To reduce the size of breast

To undergo sex change surgery

Due to cosmetic reasons

Breast reduction surgery is carried out by the liposuction method. In this surgery, excessive fats from the breast is take out by means of a tube called cannula. The fat is then moved back and forth to loosen it. The fat is then removed. As a result of which the size of the breast decreases. In liposuction tiny incisions are made on the desired location of the body. Post this very surgery, these incisions go away after some time.

This is done in order to get a desired breast size. Most of the time it is done due to cosmetic reasons. There are some women who do not feel comfortable in their breast size. So, these women can go for this surgery. Large breasts cause physical discomfort and are often the prime cause of back pain in women. Thus, women go on to reduce the very size of their breasts by this surgery.

Another factor is disproportionality of breasts. Many women try to get a proportional breast composition with breast reduction surgery. This surgery is also done in order to witness serious medical conditions.

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